Sunday, March 12, 2006

Astounding Tales shuts down

I was sorry to hear recently that a small e-zine called Astounding Tales closed down. It was run by two fellows named Keith Graham and Arthur Sanchez. A message went up on March 1 that said they were closing up shop.
Of course, little outfits like that are a labor of love. From what was written on the web site's forum, it sounds like the fun wore off. Apparently the pair got into a big brouhaha and that ended that.
Although one's first reaction is to think that this kind of stuff is petty, let's bear in mind that these kind of projects are done for the love only, and we have no right to expect anything for nothing. To what extent Astounding Tales published some nice little pieces of writing, we're all better off.
I'll always be grateful to them for publishing "Circe in Vitro" in December 2004. "Circe" was a neat little tale that got good reactions wherever it was shopped, but didn't get a bite. Well, a fellow named Kris Barton accepted it earlier for a webzine he called Revelations S-F, but that went belly up before "Circe" was published. It sounds like "Circe" was cursed, because now Astounding Tales is kaput, also.
My good feeling about "Circe" was confirmed when Gardner Dozois gave it an honorable mention in "The Year's Best Science Fiction" collection last year. It was one of my four HMs and the only one Astounding ever received.
Like I said, sorry to see them go.

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