Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Four and counting

Well, in the past few days I picked up a couple more guest gigs. ConDFW said I could join the panels, and I also heard from SoonerCon in Oklahoma City. Together with my previous acceptances at AggieCon and Conestoga, that brings the total to four cons through July.
ConDFW in 2003 was the first Con I ever attended. Now three years later, I get to be a guest. Wow.
I mailed in my application for SFWA membership today. You need three pro-level sale to be a full member; I waited a while after the publication of "Rocket" to see if any more pro-level sales would be forthcoming, but I decided it was time to get off the stick. With only one qualifying sale, I get to be an associate member, which from all my investigations, gets me all the benefits and information except I don't get to vote in official elections.

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  1. Lou, that's right. You pretty much get all the benefits of membership. Unless you are really, really into voting for Nebulas or the never-ending parade of SFWA elections, you won't miss much.

    And you can upgrade as soon as the next pro sales come in, so it's a no-lose situation.

    I have to warn you though--with the number of strong-willed individuals in the organization, the amount of pit-fighting you're likely to see might be a little off-putting. :-)


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