Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Good Old Gal" brings good news

I received word in the first mail of the new year yesterday, Tuesday, Jan. 3, that my short story "Good Old Gal" has been accepted by Nova Science Fiction magazine, published in California. It is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2007. I need to sign my copy of the contract and drop it in the mail today.
Nova is a small mag, but for the record this is my second largest sale in terms of dollars so far - of course, "Rocket" is way in the lead.
On its web site, the editor, Wesley Kawato, dcsribes the magazine as "the science fiction magazine that goes against the grain of the liberal science fiction establishment... Nova Science Fiction is the magazine for the neglected right wing of science fiction."
Well, I don't think "Good Old Gal" is right-wing per se, but it certainly ain't cyberpunk. It is the third story in the story arc that begins with "Dialogue" - published by RevolutionSF this past August, and "Silvern", which was published by RevSF in 2003. In terms of its timelime, it follows the protagonist from "Silvern" to his next planet and posting.
This was the first time I had submitted to NovaSF. I had noted Nova's guidelines some time back, because Kawato included the statement: "We don't accept stories that assume the truth of evolution or portray the villain as a religious fanatic. We're looking for stories that portray Christianity in a positive manner."
He goes on to note, however, that stories don't have to have an overt Christian element - which is the case with "Good Old Gal". On the other hand, I certainly admire someone who respects Christianity.

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