Friday, November 04, 2005

My apologies again

I haven't posted in so long I just about forgot how. (Note the screw-up below). Sorry, but I've been so busy on the job I had no time. I'm still one staff member short, and had to complete a special section for the upcoming Veterans Day holiday.

Gordon returned "My Ugly Little Self". Had some good feedback - not that I agree with him, but any feedback is good, IMHO. I will send it to Sheila next. I don;t mind running stories by Gordon first, since he'll return them quickly.

A web site called BestSF recently reviewed Issue 19 of Andromeda Spaceways. Apparently, it was the first time they saw the mag. They could tell is is kinda small, but they still had some positive comments:

"The magazine is digest-sized, and does have a higher quality cover than is often the case with smaller magazines. A couple of names on the cover ring bells (Antonelli, Lake, McIntosh) as they have appeared in some of the aforementioned bigger circulation mags."

Huh? I'm becoming a familiar name? Hot damn!

In the review of "Dybbuk", it was noted it has a "touch of Quatermass and the Pit, as a long buried burial chamber is opened and an ancient horror is revealed. The story is ok without being really outstanding, and I did grimace a bit with a slightly clumsy opening couple of sentences which has one too many usages of 'on the radio' to read smoothly ('Henderson mashed the button on his radio. As he did, he looked over to see whose channel had lit up on the radio.') I'd have edited out the last three words! "

Uhhh, actually, the reviewer is right, that was a mistake. After the story was accepted, I went back to a copy of the story I realized I had inserted "on the radio" one place and forgot to remove it in the other.


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