Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hitting 55

I finished my latest story last night. I'm dropping in the mail to today. It's probably not "serious" or "cutting edge" enough for modern scifi tastes, but I don't care - I think it's fun. It's called "My Ugly Little Self" and is kind of a combo of Robert Sawyer (Hominids) and Isaac Asimov (The Ugly Little Boy). It's the 55th story I've written since 2002.

I updated my submissions log last night. I have 21 stories out there is 21 slush piles. I have one story in an anthology slush pile, and about four or five that have been AWOL so long I've taken them off the list. Magazines like Interzone and neo-Opsis don't seem to be replying at all any more, and some smaller venues - such as Shadows of Saturn and - seem to have died out.

Here is a copy of the article about my reading before the local Friends of the Library. A member of the group write it, which is what I wanted because it looks too self-serving if I write an article about my own talk:

(Bowie County (Tx.) Citizens Tribune, Oct. 26. 2005)
By Jane Morris
Special Contributor
Local journalist and science fiction author Lou Antonelli was the first speaker in the New Boston Friends of the Library 2005-2006 Guest Author Series at the Friends October meeting.
Known to many as the editor of the Bowie County Citizens Tribune, Antonelli has written science fiction for the past three years.
In that short scope of time he has received five honorable mentions in several annual anthologies.
His stories have been published in Asimov's Science Fiction in the United States - the second largest science fiction magazine in the English-speaking world - and Andromeda Spaceways, the largest magazine in Australia.
Antonelli says he wants "science fiction to be fun," and indeed his reading of his most recently published work, "A Rocket for the Republic" from Asimov's, was perceived as fun and funny by members of the Friends of the Library.
The story met with much laughter and some outright guffaws.
The story recounted the hilarious exploits of a Texas pioneer during the days of the Republic.
The story, written using Texas colloquialisms, was read by Antonelli, who is originally from Massachusetts, with a Texas accent.
The story wove historic facts such as the coming to Texas of Jim Bowie, the Runaway Scrape and the battle of San Jacinto. with an account of adventure that incorporated the technical aspects of rocket travel. It was truly a Texas tall tale.
After concluding his reading, Antonelli talked about elements of writing science fiction and science fantasy. He then donated a signed copy of the Asimov's magazine featuring his work to the New Boston library.

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  1. hey lou,long time. good to see your still typing away. i finished up some new illos also,none that are sci fi tho.all horror.get a chance check out on my site.


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