Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I mentioned in my previous post that it's been three years since I started writing science fiction in any organized way.
In that same timespan, I've also worked at three different newspapers, as I've tried to work my way up to more pay and better conditions.
I first began writing when I was working for the Malakoff News in Henderson County, Texas.
That's where I was when I had my first story published, "Silvern", which was at RevolutionSF in June 2003.
That August I took a job with the Winnsboro News and moved to Wood County.
I had whipped up a first draft of "Rocket" while still in Henderson County. I finished it up and it was the first story I sent off from Winnsboro, in Oct. 2003.
Ironically, the last issue of Asimov's I got in the mail in Winnsboro, the September 2005 issue, was the one with "Rocket".
So I had my first publication right before I left one town, and my first pro publication before I left the other.
I haven't got my Oct./Nov. issue of Asimov's; probably won't for weeks. since now since it had to be forwarded. I turned in an on-line change of address to Dell Magazines, but they said the first issue where the change will kick in will be December.

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