Saturday, September 17, 2005

More about "Witch"

I hardly ever post twice in the same day, but a thought occured to me - while I was minding the sauce on the stove:

I'm especially proud that "The Witch of Waxahachie" is the first story I've ever done with a dog as a character in it - and not some Swanwickian talking dog - just a normal old police pooch.

AND the dog isn't in the story for cutness or color - she's in there for some important plot twists. There's two places in the story where the dog's role is crucial; first, because she can't keep herself from getting into a fight with her doppelgager from an alterate dimension; and two, because she can't tell a falsehood when her mind is read.


  1. lou, do you write any horror ?

    whats your story about in the "finger lakes " are they the finger lakes in central ny ? i
    live rite smakc in the middle of them.

  2. No, I really don't horror - I leave that to Joe Lansdale (Joe is a very, very good horror writer who also lives in East Texas).

    Yes, it's an alternate history where O. Henry didn't die at age 48 but survived into old age and retired to Upstate New York where he mentored a little boy named Rod Serling.

  3. Just found some interesting stuff on the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia film. Narnia Resourcesand the wardrobe"

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