Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What I've Read Recently

I've read three stories in the past week:

"The Red Queen's Race" by Isaac Asimov.

"Rammer' by Larry Niven.

"Burning Day" by Glenn Grant.

Which were published in 1948, 1971, and 2004, respectively.

I read "Red Queen" and "Burning Day" both while babysitting a computer that was being fixed. I read "Rammer" while waiting out a school board executive session.

I'd never read "Red Queen" before. It's in an anthology I bought a couple of weeks ago, "The Future I", edited by Asimov.

"Burning Day" is in the current Year's Best (Hartwell version) It's not in the Dozois flavor.

"Rammer' is in a Niven collection, "Playgrounds of the Mind".

Quick impressions:

"Red Queen" - Typically Asimovian brilliance; I've always like the guy. Probably seemed more original when it was published.

"Burning" - Hmmm. Very well written. I never thought I'd see cyberpunk sound so old-fashioned.

"Rammer" - Good bridge between the New Wave and the Cyberpunks. Again, well written. I start to lose sympathy for the characters, though, when they get too far out - both in time and space.


  1. hello lou, i read and illostrated your story "Dialogue" for sci fi revolution. great story. hope you likedthe illo.

  2. Very grateful for the art, George, you're a real master of the pencil. Thanks!!!!

  3. well thank you,if you need more lmk.click on my profile and follow the links to my blog and my website.


  4. Some interesting contrasts there, Lou. It's nice to read through the older stuff to compare against SF today, I reckon.


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