Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Sorry about the mistake below. This is a cheap free blog, and I can't undo mistake. I hit return instead of tab.

Uhh, I have a web site, but it has a strange background. It goes with a newspaper i used to run. The paper went out of business in 2001, but the web site has been cranking along on its own. I am planning to shut down the news side of the web site later this year and convert it to exclusively my science fiction home - although the URl won't make any sense unless you know the background.

But the contract with the ISp is grandfathered, so I want to keep it. Anyway, I use the web site to tout my achievements, and here is a copy of the news release I published there:

The Lou Antonelli science fiction short story "A Rocket for the Republic" has been published by Asimov's Science Fiction magazine and is in bookstores now.
Asimov's is the second largest science fiction magazine in the world, with a circulation of almost 30,000 in English-speaking countries.
The story is featured in the September 2005 issue. The reviews have been outstanding:
"Texan tall tale, or sci-fi fabulism? A fun first-person narrative about the first space expedition Â? way back in the thirties. The eighteen thirties, that is." - L. Blunt Jackson "Bluejack", the Internet Review of Science Fiction.
"A Rocket for the Republic" is a ripper, a fine tall-tale that put a smile on my face. It's got a good narrative voice, a simple but clever plot and I wished I'd thought of it. A nifty "Asimov's" debut, and the best Lou Antonelli yet." - R. Wilder
"Astonishingly good" - Randy Beck.

The url is: http://www.cedarhillsentinel.com/

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