Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back On-Line

Well, the DSL modem arrived yesterday. We got the new hardware hooked up and running today, so I'm back on-line. I sent off four stories via e-mail.

Can't make ArmaDilloCon in Austin this weekend, I have a conflict with work.

Comments continue to come in almost uniformly positive about "Rocket". The reviewer at Tangent gave it thumbs down, though. He didn't;t like the dialect (annoying), the plot (unoriginal) and the ending (predictable). Otherwise, everything has been positive. The most common word used in many comments and reviews has been "fun" - which is what I wanted.

Re-read Andy Duncan's "Lincoln in Frogmore" over the weekend. The voice in that story contributed a lot to the feel of the voice in "Rocket". "Lincoln" ran in the Fall 2001 double issue of Asimov's.

After I mentioned at the Asimov's discussion board that the ending of "Rocket" kinda had a tribute to Jack Finney's "Quit Zoomin' Your Hands Through the Air", I think a few people went and reread that story - which also makes me happy.

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