Friday, July 15, 2005

Blink on Locus

Locus mag on-line has mentioned the July line-up at RevSF in it's list of "Blinks" on the sidebar. That's gotten me another mention - I had a similar one last summer, too.

If the RevSF story gets my current published within the next two weeks, it will be the sixth story of mine published in two months - June and July.

"Big Girl" - Ultraverse.
"The Hideaway" - Alienskin.
"The Honor of the Blue Devil Patrol" - Beyond Centauri.
"The Cast Iron Dybbuk" - Andromeda Spaceways.
"A Rocket for the Republic" - Asimov's
"Dialogue" - RevolutionSF

Strange Horizons has returned "V.S.A." Challenging Destiny returned "Body by Fisher". The editor asked that I send him another story.

Off tomorrow morning for Tulsa and Conestoga.

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