Monday, May 30, 2005

Smoke and Djinns

I worked on "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" today. I've finished the first draft and I ran it off tonight. Read it to the spouse. The story has some unusual - for me - formats in it; a couple of fake news articles, and a TV skit transcript (not exactly "Stand on Zanzibar" but still a little confusing when read out loud).

I *do* like the way this version has turned out. I wll edit the draft and pull it through to Pagemaker tomorrow, where I usually do my last changes.

Albedo One e-mailed. They didn't go for "V.S.A.". I got "Fermi's Fraternity" ready to mail to them tomorrow. They are probably my fastest overseas venue - I usually hear from them in a week and a half.

I sent "A Djinn for General Houston" by e-mail to Wendy Bradley in Wales, who is planning a new publication, to be called "Farthing". She just opened for subs May 15. "Djinn" was at Would That It Were, but the latest information tracked down courtesy of Ralan Conley was a letter from the publisher basically said he was giving up and would only work on WTIW in his spare time. The publication seems to be defunct, so I'll get the story back into circulation.

Tomorrow is my last day to run errands before I start my new job Wednesday.

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