Monday, May 16, 2005

Keep 'em rolling

Although I may not have time to write because of the job search, I see no reason to keep stories already written lying around. This past weekend I got caught up and shuffed the submissions, to wit:

"Wish List' to Strange Horizons (I got this back from Aeon, and they said they liked the story but it didn't make the cut, please send another one).
"Avatar" went off to Aeon.
"Body by Fisher" went to Challenging Destiny.
"The Dragon's Black Box" went to Futurismic.
"VSA" went to Albedo One.
"The Silver Dollar Saucer' went to Ideomancer.
"Insight" went to Feral Fiction.
"The Runner at Dawn" went to Fictitious Fiction.
"Twilight on the Finger Lakes" went to Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Only Challenging Destiny, Albedo One and F&SF are mail subs, the rest went off via e-mail or sub forms.

Ian Redmond at Andromeda Spaceways asked for my bio over the weekend, so he's getting together the issue which will feature "The Cast Iron Dybbuk". ASIM also sent word that "Fermi's Fraternity" passed the first round of reading.

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