Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New story

I started a new story this evening. I do plan to do the revision to "The Idiot Box", but I wanted to start a whole new story to stick in the mix. My rationale is the new story will go better because after I write the 1st draft, I'll take a break with "The Idiot Box" and then go back to the new story.
I've had the basic idea for the new story for a while, but I was hung up, mainly because I couldn't come up with a snappy title. Today I had to cover a golf tournament that was about 27 miles away, and while making the drive, the title came to me. It's called "Prometheus and the Little Lost Spaceship".
It's not the first time I came up with a story title while covering a sports event. I came up with "The Silver Dollar Rocket" while coverings a softball game in Longview. The title changed to "The Silver Dollar saucer" before the story was finished.

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