Saturday, December 18, 2004

OK, here's all the whining...

One of the problems with being a sports editor is that you have to work some evenings and weekends. I recently went through a period where a number of schedules combined to run me ragged. To wit:
Basketball games are usually played Monday, Tuesday or Friday nights (2 out of 3). Wednesday is the day actually goes to press. So if I take a day off it usually would be Thursday.
Lat week I was feeling pretty run down, and I would have probably taken Thursday off - except that I had previously volunteered to be a judge in a room decorating contest at a local nursing home. Turns out, the nursing home insists the contest judging be done on Thursday, the 9th. So I didn't take the day off.
The next two days, Dec. 10 and 11, I have to travel over 70 miles to a basketball tournament held a few counties away. My wife and I own a lot and a cabin in the same county, so while I was in the general area I did work at the cabin; I actually slept over Saturday night (the cabin has no utilities of any kind).
I probably overworked myself. Monday I worked a 12 hour day because I had to cover a special school board meeting in the evening. And then Tuesday I had to cover a basketball game that was 120 miles away. By Wednesday I was dead on my feet and actually had trouble getting my work done.
I did get to take yesterday off, this Thursday instead of last Thursday. Boy, I needed the break. Today (Friday - since it's past midnight, the blog will probably put down this posting as Saturday) I had to cover a basketball game 100 miles away, but it went so much better because of my being rested up. Unfortunately, the timing and travel to the game meant I missed my office's Christmas Party, but there was really nothing to do, and I see no reason why everyone else in the office needs to shift around because of my screwy schedule.
OK, that gets me all caught up on the whining.

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