Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Lou's News and Views

Well, got through another Thanksgiving publication schedule. Thanksgiving is always a tough time at weekly papers - which almost all publish on Thursday - because you have to move your press deadline up a full day to get the paper out early (no mail on Thursday, right?)

Plus, I have basketball games to cover both Monday AND Tuesday night - very unusual to have games on consecutive nights, but the coach wanted to get some games in before the Turkey break.

As busy as it was, I got good news Tuesday in the mail - my contract arrived from Dell for my story. I'm going to check it out thoroughly and hopefully get the two signed copies in the mail Friday. My story is 3,900 words, and Asimov's pays 6 cents a word.
I also have to send a copy of the story on disk back with the contract.

When Gardner Dozois accepted the story, he told me to e-mail a copy to Brian Bienowski, but I'm not surprised they want some kind of disk. Can't have too many copies of a future Hugo winner, can we?

(wink, wink)

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